Life At Boarding


Providing our students with the best facilities and amenities to ensure their all round development has been our top most priority. We make sure that they are in an environment which is clean, safe and secure, this will help them focus on their studies and personality development while we take care of all their daily needs. To carry this idea forward, we have provided them with world class boarding facilities which help them achieve maximum time management to focus on both educational and extra-curricular developments. Spacious boarding rooms, study table provisions and proportionate number of washrooms have been maintained. Ideal warden to student ratio ensures that attention and care is being given to each and every student. Best quality meals are provided to the students in our exceptional mess facility. We have expert Nutritionists who have prepared the most balanced meals that take care of the health of every student.

To take care of their personal development, we have also provided an indoor games room where the students can access games like chess, carrom and table tennis. This will help their personal growth while taking care of their acumen. We have also documented the experience of our own boarders who have been living in the campus. This becomes our constructive feedback to help us understand what more we can do to make sure our students feel safe and help us make them feel at home.

Boarding Infrastuture

World Class Boarding Facilities

The School boasts of a huge 'in – campu' - only boys - residential facility to house students across different age groups. The accommodation is pre-booked by the students subscribing to the schools' 'Residential Programme'.

Keeping Students Connected

A shopping complex with the mess includes STD and e-mail facilities for the children to remain in touch with the parents. However, the frequency of utilization is regulated to avoid distraction.

Encouranging Leadership

Outstanding students are selected as prefects. The Prefects Council manages certain affairs of the students under the guidance of the staff. The Council consists of the school Captain, House Captain of each House and the prefects.

House Systems

House system is followed to develop leadership qualities, camaraderie, esprit-de-cops and a healthy competitive spirit. Each house is assigned a senior teacher as the House Master and teachers as House Tutors. House Master and Tutors are always accessible for advice, counsel and guidance. In fact, they reach out to the children and do not wait for the children to come to them.

Modern Day Facilities

Each hostel has a modern gymnasium and recreation rooms equipped with Billiards, Table Tennis, Chess, Scrabbles, Carom, Music System and TV. The gymnasium and the recreation rooms are located in each hostel to facilitate children to use the same whenever they are free. Individuals and Inter-House competitions include indoor games to further develop interest in them.

Comfort and Security

Hostels in the school provide the comfort and the security which children look forward to whenever they retire to their rooms. Each hostel accommodates 100 children under the care of a resident matron assisted by ward boys (for boys' hostel) and maid (for girls' hostel). Children of junior classes are accommodated in spacious dormitories, whereas the children from classes X to XII are accommodated in rooms shared by two.

What Our Student Says